Brandenburger Liner BB2.0

the economic alternative for small dimensions and wallthicknesses

According to the saying "If you stop getting better, you stop being good" from Philip Rosenthal, we have made it our business to continuously develop our products in order to offer you, dear customers, added value.

The BB2.0 is the cost-effective solution for smaller nominal sizes and wall thicknesses, and the successor to our previous product for this scope, the BB1.0.

The advantages of the BB2.0 are obvious! Compared to the previous product, the BB2.0 has the following optimized properties:

  1. increased technical values – possibility of smaller wall thicknesses
  2. wall thickness steps of 0,5mm for a more efficient use of the material
  3. faster curing speeds
  4. a more homogenous look
  5. improved site handling, especially for the milling work after curing
  6. safer performance

The technical data and the product approvals can be found in our download library.

See for yourself!

Our sales team is looking forward to explain to you the advantages more in detail.