Rental Park

Rental Service for UV equipment

Brandenburger's rental park offers everything that is needed for drawing in the liner and curing. This allows sewer rehabilitation companies to remain flexible. If there are peaks in order volume or orders involving special profiles, they can simply rent the required equipment from Brandenburger. Our offer ranges from the complete UV unit and light chains all the way to conveyor belts and the individual packer set.

ProKASRO UV-Professional

The maxi solution from Brandenburger: Our largest UV unit, mounted on a Volvo 14 t., offers everything necessary for performing larger, longer term construction projects. Liners with diameters of up to DN 1600 can be cured easily.

Technical specifications:


  • 9 x 400/600 W curing performance (chain 3-piece)
  • 8 x 1000 W dual-core
  • 12 x 1000 W dual-core
  • Cable drum with about 250 m of cable
  • Vetter pressure testing system
  • Packer sets DN 150 – DN 500
  • Guide pulley set
  • Spindle set
  • Becker radial condenser
  • Application range DN 150 – DN 1600
  • Camera monitoring on the LQs as well as back-eye and packer camera
  • IBOS inspection camera of DN 150 – DN 600 with 200 m cable
LQ 10
  • Light chain with 9 x 600 W for circular profiles
  • Wheel sets DN 150 – DN 500
LQ 30
  • Light chain with 9 x 600 / 1000 W for circular and oval profiles
  • Wheel sets DN 400 – DN 1000
From left to right: LQ 50, LQ 30, LQ 10
  • Light chain with 9 x 600 / 1000 W for circular and oval profiles
  • Wheel sets DN 500 – DN 1000

Gentle handling with an extra shoulder to bear the load. Our conveyor belts help you spare your employees and materials. Liners with large dimensions often come with a major obstacle; in particular their weight. With our conveyor belts, all liners can be sparingly and easily drawn in. Furthermore, the integrated folding device makes it possible to automatically fold all liners up to a size of DN 1600 for drawing into the shaft or a trench.

Features of the conveyor belt:

  • Completely assembled on a tandem axle trailer
  • Total weight is 2.5 t
  •  Remote control, connection cable 380 V

With our light chain insertion aid, any light chain, including the curing cable, can be drawn through the longest conduits (up to 300 m). The "third man" takes over the most taxing physical labour without complaint or back pain.

Thaler winch 5 t

Winch for drawing in liners of up to 5 t

JS winch 1.2 t

Winch for drawing in liners of up to 1.2 t

We offer complete packer sets for rent in standard sizes up to DN 1600 as well as up to DN 1000/1500 for oval profiles.

Our packers can be divided as of DN 600, for easier handling as well as for inserting into the shaft.

Circular profile DN 900/1000


  • DN 150-DN 1500
Oval profile DN 500/750


  • DN 400/600
  • DN 500/750
  • DN 600/900
  • DN 550/1150
  • DN 700/1050
  • DN 800/1200
  • DN 900/1350
  • DN 1000/1500 

We produce not only the liner; we can also take care of the complete transport logistics if desired.

From the individual delivery up to completing entire major projects; customised to your requirements.

Do you have technical questions?

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