Brandenburger Liner BB2.5

CIPP for all diameters


Why Brandenburger Liner

- E-Modul - Ensurance of a high mechanical strength!

Thanks to the long-term modulus of elasticity of 11,180 N/mm², a high mechanical strength can be ensured. This makes it possible to design the liner thinner, which saves material costs as well as makes the installation quicker and more reliable.

- Glass-fibre wear protection layer - Laminate Protection and abrasion minimizing!

The glass-fibre wear protection layer protects the bearing laminate of the liner and simultaneously minimizes the abrasion of the surface. Since the fibre consists of glass, the transparency of the composite is not impaired and the coefficient of expansion remains uniform. Thus the liner holds up to any practical load without disadvantages. The wear according to the Darmstadt abrasion resistance test is less than 0.1 mm and is already included in each BB2.5 additionally to the statically stable wall thickness, without additional costs being charged for it.

- Additional external protection - Double protection

The additional external protection provides double protection for the Brandenburger Liner. Liners with large diameters and high weight in particular are additionally protected from mechanical damage during the draw-in process. The double reliability that results from the double-layer external foil composite also means that no closed preliner is necessary when groundwater is present!

The additional external protection also serves as an integrated slide foil, which is also a part of the DIBt certification. This makes it possible in most cases to omit the extra slide foil for the drawing in, which makes it possible to omit a work step at the construction site and thus save costs.



  • Double reliability if groundwater is present
  • Best protection against mechanical influences
  • The slide foil may possibly be omitted
  • Reduced efforts during installation and the handling of the slide foil

- Construction site handling and compact structure - Higher Safety and minimisation of risk during installation

Brandenburger places a special focus in the development of its products on ease of on-site handling. This provides an added value for the customer with respect to safety and the minimisation of risk during installation, while simultaneously reducing time!

The fibre-laminated external foil bonds the wound laminate with the external foil and can be installed as a compact package. Thus the liner no longer shifts within its packaging during installation.

Due to the special resin recipe of the pipe liner, it becomes very pliable as well as transparent and facilitates the outlining of the lateral inlets. This provides a greater reliability during the subsequent milling open of the inlets.

A further advantage of the special construction can be seen during the preparation of the pipe liner on the construction site. The installation of the light chain also proves to be easy, because the liner remains erect without collapsing right away.



  • Easy feeding into the sewer
  • Outlining the lateral inlets
  • Easy cutting of the material
  • Simplified insertion of the light chain

- Curing speed - Fast and safe!

Thanks to the purity of the materials and the special composition of glass, resin and additives, a very high translucency is achieved. This provides the conditions for a reliable and rapid curing of the Brandenburger Liner. As a result, the construction site can be completed speedily, which also saves further costs.