Advantages, components and techn. characteristics


  • Financial synergy effects by simultaneous rehabilitation and energy recovery.
  • High operational reliability due to no hindrance to draining.
  • Implementation in all common pipe dimensions, also in areas that are not walkable.
  • No hydraulic impairment due to minimal roughness coefficient.
  • No additional operating expenditures during cleaning and maintenance of the sewer.
  • Increase of the assets by the rehabilitation.
  • Utmost reliability of energy supply
  • Active contribution to avoiding CO2
  • Saving up to 50 % of energy costs


The rehabilitation liner made of E-CR glass-fibre takes over the task of sealing the decrepit old pipe as well as the static support of the entire old pipe ground system.


If a rehabilitation of the old pipe was necessary, a custom-made heat exchanger mat made of plastic with integrated chambers is attached to its base or directly on the base of the old pipe. 

The last step in the sewer is the installation of a thin-walled Brandenburger Liner BB 2.5 inner liner for permanent fixation and protection of the heat exchanger mat between inner liner and rehabilitation liner or old pipe.

Making the connection of the supply and return line of the heat exchanger mat with the collecting pipes in the shaft is the last step before transferring the heating medium to the heat pump.

Heat pumps can be installed and controlled with a Heatliner just like with any conventional heat exchanger.

Technical characteristics

Liner characteristics*NormBB2.5
Circumference modulus of elasticity, short-termEN 122814.200 N/mm²
Circumference modulus of elasticity, long-termEN 122811.180 N/mm²
Bending modulus of elasticity, short-term**ISO 17811.800 N/mm²
Bending modulus of elasticity, long-term**ISO 1789.290 N/mm²
Material groupDWA-M 144-322
DensityISO 11831,54 g/cm³
Short-term bending stressISO 178 200 N/mm²
ISO 11296-4
Long-term bending stressISO 178157 N/mm²
ISO 11296-4
Long-time reduction factor (50 years)EN 7611,27

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