User training event 2019


This year's user training event took place from 31 January to 1 February 2019 at our Landau production facility in Germany. In bright sunshine and crisp cold air, the 120 guests were entertained by fascinating live demonstrations in the factory grounds. Tim Brandenburger, the CEO, gave a presentation on the 80-year success story of the Brandenburger Group of Companies. Furthermore, our safety officer reminded our guests of key safety aspects when working in sewers and wastewater shafts.

Alfred Merkel from the Siebert & Knipschild Test Laboratory gave an informative presentation on the various factors that influence the hardening of liners. In relation to our "Quality First" claim, our guests were shown the many quality assurance measures at Brandenburger.

At the end of the two informative days, interested parties were shown around our factory, but this time in a completely different way, because this time they got a chance, for example, to meet the machine operators and the employees responsible for various areas.

The team at Brandenburger Liner thanks at its guests at this years user training event and looks forward to your participation in 2020.

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