Brandenburger Liner also meets new challenges in the construction of crates


Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG will now work together with wood specialists to optimally prepare the safe transport of its large liners.

In order to ensure that the liners are not damaged during transport, Brandenburger Liner has its own carpenter's shop that customises the transport crates to size for the various liner sizes for a safe delivery to the customer.

Larger liners require new transport solutions

With its new liner winding system 4, Brandenburger Liner can manufacture up to a size of DN 1600. This in turn requires taking new, expanded paths regarding the transport. Thus, already during the development phase, the development team of Brandenburger Liner studied the problem of adapting the liner crates to the increased requirements for the new larger dimensions.

Wilhelm Landes, director for construction of crates at Brandenburger Liner, and Stefan Blenke, head of production, have recently begun a cooperation with wood specialists[J1]  with whom they rework the crate design. These wood experts are helping to construct more stable crates for higher liner weights. The transport containers are redesigned and constructed statically so that their load-bearing capacity can be increased.

Extended workbench

There is also an agreement with the wood specialists that Wilhelm Landes, after appropriate consultation, can make use of the partner's production site as an extended workbench in case there are bottlenecks.

Thus Brandenburger Liner can ensure a reliable and punctual transport even for large liner dimensions.

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