Brandenburger Donates Liner to THW Landau


For a good cause: The company Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG has donated a large-sized test liner to Landau's local branch of Germany's Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). The THW will use the pipe for exercises at its new training facility.

Why dispose of such a valuable test liner when instead, it can serve a good cause? With this in mind, the Brandenburger company decided to give THW Landau an eight-meter long liner, 1.6 meters in diameter, to be used for training exercises. Sven Selbig of THW Landau recently picked up the cured pipe at Brandenburger, and with the help of colleagues transported it directly to the new THW training facility in Mörlheim. "We're happy to be able to support the Technische Hilfswerk here in Landau," says Michael Schloder, managing director of Brandenburger Liner. Schloder notes that the THW is always there to help, whether for civic defence or disaster relief. "With this gesture, Brandenburger would like to do our part to support the volunteers, whose work is of ever growing importance," explains Michael Schloder.

The members of THW Landau voiced their appreciation. "It is always great to see that we have support from local companies. In addition, a donation like this saves a great deal of organizational effort and expense," says Florian Feierabend, branch representative of the THW Landau. The THW members must regularly complete practical training exercises in preparation for catastrophes. Up to now it had been necessary to travel with their extensive equipment to other training sites. Now, with their own training facility in Landau-Mörlheim, this will no longer be necessary. A large pipe the size of Brandenburger's is the perfect addition to the training course, says Florian Feierabend. He explains that the liner will mainly be used for local exercises with microphones and search and rescue dogs, which need practice training at least once a week. With Brandenburger's gift, the THW can now simulate earthquakes, building explosions, and rubble and debris, without a problem.

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