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Liner flexural strength

If it is too low, then the liner has insufficient load capacity and may break under less than its rated maximum load. This characteristic is measured in a three-point bending test, just like the modulus of elasticity.

Liner installation

A hose carrier soaked with a reactive resin is drawn into the sewer and pressed against the sewer wall through inflation with compressed air. A chemical reaction in the resin turns the hose into a stable, load-bearing inner lining. The technology is completely trenchless and requires no digging whatsoever. The flexible liner hoses are typically applied using existing inspection shafts in the sewer. The special characteristics that set the Brandenburger liner system apart from other pipe lining types are: • Use of seamlessly wound liners made of glass fibre laminate webs
• Unique saturation of the raw materials before the production of the pipe liner with UV-reactive UP resin         (possibly with addition of peroxides for the variation "hybrid curing" for larger wall thicknesses over 10         millimetres)
• Drawing in the liner on a protective foil and form-fitting expansion using compressed air
• Curing of the liner using precisely dosed UV exposure ("BLUETEC® technology").